Blender Presentation Tomorrow - Quick Question!

Hi, I’m giving a little tutorial on Blender tomorrow, and one thing I wanted to show was a list of works that have been made or used blender. Aside from the blender open movies and open game, are there any big films or games that have been made using blender?

The “big guys” almost exclusively use other packages. Blender was used for previs in Spiderman 2, I believe. I’m also not ruling out that some of the individual artists that worked on various assets for bigger productions used blender for some things, but I wouldn’t know of any records of that.

and lots more
just google it

As it is today when VFX houses are used on a shot-to-shot basis rather than doing whole movies, there’s been a globalization for VFX works and smaller houses now bid on shots in bigger productions - so with that I’m pretty sure Blender has been used, but not as the main application…

But technically you could probably do a feature in Blender, I mean, think of all the digital effects made 15-20 years ago in applications far less advanced than Blender is today, look at Starship Troopers, my favourite reference film when it comes to VFX - the digital effects were impossible for it’s time and the amount of computing power available to the artists, but they managed it anyway, hehe… :slight_smile:

Not “big” films but still pretty good

Pre-Vis work again, but Blender was ‘used’ in Avatar. The thread that came from (while long and rather messy) seems to illustrate the point that just about all 3d software was used at some point by an artist in a part of a studio around the world for that film. Right tool for the right job, and that film had a wide variety of jobs I’m sure…

I remember wording it to Campbell something along the lines of ‘James Cameron was impressed with something your tree scripts (probably) made!’ and humorously blowing it out of proportion.

Hi, big movie list from the member of > wigglyframes:
Scroll down.

Cheers, mib.

Thanks everybody for the responses!

I might record and upload my presentation to Youtube. Will post here after :slight_smile: really just going to show the basics though…

Im probably too late but here’s a game called YoFrankie!