Blender Problems

(The Produce) #1

I downloaded the lastest version of Blender just a few weeks ago, and when I attempted to run the program on my Win98SE, 64MB RAM, 500mHz, Intergraded SiS530 Video Chip, the program appeared, but I don’t see any of the operation tools, I only see the modelling window. But, if I drag the mouse down to where the buttons are supposed to be, the modelling window flickers out, and SOME of the buttons appear (different buttons every time). The reverse will happen if I take the mouse back to the modelling window. I’ve already searched the Knowledge base. . .

Has anyone had this problem, and/or knows what the problem is?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(NOTE: I know i’m in need of an computer upgrade, but Anim8or, OpenFX, a Japanese 3DCG training program called DoGA, and even GMAX :o run PERFECTLY fine on my current system.)

The Producer

(VelikM) #2

Have you tried the newest video drivers for your video card? If your video supports hardware acceleration try turning it off.

(endi) #3

Set “hardware acceleraton” in the advanced video option. Maybe it will help.

(adyus) #4

i had exacly the same problem after overclocking my geforce ti4200. try changing some settings and it should work.

(The Produce) #5

:smiley: Thanks, turning off Hardware Acceleration fixed the problem.
This is the first time i’m able to see the entire Blender interface! :o :o Geeze, whats the learning curve for this system, and is it capable of being used in a 60 minute action movie??

Thanks a lot!

The Producer

(dreamsgate) #6

It can take a little bit to get the hang of, but once you, you’ll be amazed at how fast you work.

And yes you can make a 60 minute movie, if you have lots of spare time.