Blender program issues

Blender 2.74
Hello, I was following some tutorials on setting a video in the background of my scene but I could never get the video to play. I would render it out and I could see it going through each frame but after that all I would get is the first frame. I tried over and over again… Spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong… so I gave up for a while and practiced setting up a fly thru where the camera follows an object… Played around and saved the file… the next day I continued working with the camera and the animation with that video in the background… then all of a sudden the video started playing along with the fly-over animation.
Then the next morning I started a new one to see if it would work again… and what I noticed was when I clicked either material or texture it didn’t have all the options so I reloaded Blender over and over again and started several new sessions and it didn’t work… So I restarted the computer and it was back to normal.

So I think I have some corrupted files… I’m not sure if I should keep working with it and restarted the computer until it works properly or Is it possible to restore 2.74… not the setting… but the program itself or should I upgrade to 2.76?

If I upgrade to the latest is it possible I could have issues loading items made and done in 2.74?

Is it possible to have both 2.74 and 2.76?.. I just don’t want any more problems as it has taking me forever to learn Blender one day a week and set up the scene I want to use.

Greatly appreciate any advice you may have

The current version is 2.77 and can read blend files perfectly well from previous versions.
You ca have multiple blender versions, just unzip the files to different folders

Thanks Richard… I’ll do just that and unzip 2.77 to a different folder…

Alright, I’ve figured out my real issue…My scene is in Cycles Render and I must have been following a Blender Render tutorial. I can get the background video to play in Blender Render… but still haven’t figured out how to do it in Cycles Render engine as the options are different. I’m getting frustrated as it should be easy