Blender - Project for a friend, problems with compositing.

Hi there. I spent most of yesterday setting up a scene in Blender, and compositing. But I have a major problem with the compositing. For some reason of the render layer ‘MAP’ is included, the render layer ‘player’ becomes semi-transparent. Here’s what I mean:

Here’s some images of the composite, and what each layer contains, with a brief description:


Layer 1. This is the Halo light:

Layer 2. This is the blood (Can’t post more images, so I’ll do links):

Layer 3. This is the sword:

Layer 4. This is the world:

Layer 5. The players:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ll post some proper WIP images as well.

Also noticed that it’s actually every layer other than ‘MAP’ that becomes transparent. Anyway, here’s some WIP images:

The first image, mainly to test the Halo ligh:

The second progress image, with no AO, to test the player’s stances (too large to post):

In this one I tried to make a simple blood effect with mballs:

This is the next progress image, this was just a low quality render to show my friend what it was looking like (before composite):

An image of what the blood, sword and players together should look like (I’ve tweaked it slightly):

Here’s the final cpmosite (I think) of the sword and blood:

Sorry, the penultimate image is not right. That was a composite that went wrong.