Blender Project Writer/Editor Paid contract work

I’m looking for someone to help write “Project Docs” (see below) for a large project I’m currently working on. Needs to know basic Blender menus (open, save, append, transforms, etc.) and key commands, some experience modeling in Blender, basic Photoshop and UE4 would be helpful, but not mandatory. Knowledge of word, basic editing in word and acrobat is required. Need Dropbox installed to move large files.

This is a paid contract job; each Project Doc pays $2. Each Doc file takes approx. 15mins. I can make payment every 2 weeks or once per month, whatever works. Need at least 4/5 per week completed, but I’d like to get a lot more completed per week. This would be a good job for a High School or international student that is looking for some experience and extra spending money.

Video tutorials for each lesson are completed already; just looking to get these document files completed that go along with each video. Doc Files are based on a provided template. Job requires that one take screen grabs or renders in Blender of provided files or model basic elements in Blender (primitives, very basic forms), insert images into the doc files as examples of projects students would need to complete. Cheers!

How do i begin