Blender Python Problems

Hello. I have a problem with python as I can’t use any scripts on Blender. I am running snow leopard on my mac and even in leopard, python did’t work. I’m not sure whats wrong as I’ve tried many versions of Blender and I’ve even tried on my brothers computer but I still get the error “Python script error: check console”. Scripts were working once on my computer one but now they ain’t. I’ve tried upgrading python and then reinstalling the 2.5 version. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Are you getting the ‘could not import site’ error or something more specific? Try running Blender from the terminal like this:


And post the results here.

same probs here, snow leopard + blender 2.5, no scripts menu even

It worked, I had to place the script under /Applications/

I’m was trying to load the blender twitter script btw