Blender randomly crashes my entire PC (hard reset necessary)

Blender is randomly causing crashes and freezes my entire system, which is forcing me to hard reset my PC.
Sometimes its during rendering (GPU, CPU, or CPU+GPU)…but its during normal Blender use as well. Modelling, rotating, shading… Its pretty random.

I know blender makes a crash file when it crashes…but because my entire PC crashes…it doesnt make it so I can’t see what happened to it . My temps seem normal so i dont think its an overheating issue.

Additionally, the whole programma kinda feels sluggish, even when its just a clean file. So maybe its a wrong setting? My computer should be really fast…but Im not getting this from blender…

Ive tried:

  • resetting blender settings
  • updating windows and GPU drivers
  • limiting CPU usage
  • set the cycles compute device to CUDA, and just CPU (tried both)
  • nvidia control panel: set to prefer maximum perfomance (power management mode)

Here are my specs:

  • Blender 2.79 (the one with GPU and CPU rendering at the same time)

  • windows 10 Home 64bit

  • CPU: threadripper 2950x (@4.2 GHZ OC) with AOI liquid cooling

  • GPU: EVGA GTX 1080ti 11GB

  • RAM: 64GB

  • PSU: 1000W

  • disk setup: blender programme on SSD, blender temp/cache on seperate SSD, project on seperate SSD

Can somebody help me figure out what’s causing this?

Running your CPU at the correct frequency would be the first thing to try.

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I have tried that, but that doesnt seem to have any effect.

Lowered the cpu core voltage too?

This would be good advise, because running the CPU, or any hardware, out of spec. always comes with the risk of lower stability.

For the CPU, AMD’s Precision-Boost 2 and XFR 2 are more or less good enough as is that there’s not a lot of benefit to be had from BIOS tweaking.

and absolutely sure the temps are ok? call me old school but i dont trust those liquid coolers.

Im using CAM software by NZXT to monitor tempatures. And also CPU-Z and CPU-G, ryzen master suite and a couple of others to see temperatures and stuff.

CPU and GPU are idling at around 38 degrees…and with stresstest they dont pass 70 degress. So that should be allright right?

And regarding the overclock. When Im running the CPU at 4.2 ghz… I did give it some more core voltage… but like i said… Im running everything with stock settings now (3.5ghz) …and the problem is still there.

How many modules do you have? Are they all from the same manufacturer and model?
You remove as many modules as possible until you get approximately 8 GB of RAM. You look for Memtest, you make a bootable CD/USB and you run memtest on those 8 GB of RAM. If Memtest ends without showing lines in red, then you start Windows and you test if Blender still gives problems.

I have 8 modules of 8GB

I will do what you suggested, and take them all out except one and then start running tests. I will get back to you with the results.

Thank you so far!