Blender refraction tests.

Well I’ve been getting very little comments on these to tests of mine, so i decided to put them up for a good flaming here.

What’cha think? No plugins, no exterior programs (not even GIMP), and animatable. The Refraction avi contains an irritating blender error in it, the 6th picture of the Env-map was not rendered. Anybody know what could cause this? Thanks.


Despite the fact I’m not qualified to judge any of these because I haven’t tried to do refraction, I downloaded them anyway…

Refraction.avi doesn’t look like refraction to me. Looks more like reflection. There should be severe distortion at the edges of the sphere.
Distortion2.avi is… interesting. I’d like to see where it’s going.
Water2v2.avi is good - nice water effect, maybe the water is a little too transparent, but how did you get that effect ?

Cool water! (Humm… this words remindme some fragance spot :smiley: )

I think the error are inside the .blend. May be you was make a mistake?

I was try this technique a year back

If you want to take a look: estanque.avi

Whoo what the … ,really cool, I like the water avi because I don’t know how you did made the water bumping like that. I was looking for this effect for a long time and now I found it. Do you have a tutorial ??? ( I hope so :o ) Or may I see the blend file :wink: , I should be very happy. I’m trying reflection too and it’s really cool. I played a bit with reflection and env mapping

the water ones are pretty cool but i was thinking about the other tecnique the other day (for refraction) and it just don’t seem right

water is very cool

"Caronte - Nice water thing, there’s a problem that I was having that you don’t seem to have in your animation, the waves in my water animation have a height of 0.010 (!) kindda small and yet a lot of refraction… Did you encounter anything like this?

There should be severe distortion at the edges of the sphere.

Thanks for noticing. That’s an easy problem to solve but something that I should have paid attention to in the first place.

maybe the water is a little too transparent

Yeah, true, but hey, nobody’s perfect the first time round right?

I think the error are inside the .blend.

Maybe, but… I’m sure that it isn’t/wasn’t rendering that 6th picture in the env-map. How can that be possible at all? I mean shouldn’t it render all six without fail? Oh, and, I think the failing of the sixth env-picture had something to do with the camera angle, it doesn’t look random to me.
Thanks for the comments.


Wrote that up last night, before I was disconnected ^_^. As to how to do this type of refraction, it’s based on a rather simple principle, setting SizeZ to 0>x>-2 on the Env-map texture. Tweak it a little and becareful where you place the Empty.

JD-multi - nice picture. a little black and white :smiley: , and uhm… for the sphere’s put the Env-map type to static, then render, then free-data of ONE of the sphere’s, the rerender, do so a couple of times and you will get reflection’s of reflections.


refraction test is odd, but could be bettered i think… the water test is real cool, a very decent refraction effect… my only quarrel is that i dont like what the cube is doing to the water, almost looks sexual :wink:

Blengine - LMAO


Thanks wewa I should try the freedata. But How did you animate the water ? I know how you did the reflection but Im more interested in the animation of the water. I hope you can explain how you did that, I should be very happy with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhm… well I use the wave feature that blender comes with. really quite simple… not much to explain I think, just add waves and then sync your objects to “interact” with the water accordingly.