Blender Render and Nodes

Hi All,
I have been using Cycles and Nodes mostly, but when I went to do something quick in B.R I am not understanding why my nodes are looking different.
For example:
In cycles I get a different output module as well as my shaders such as mix and diffuse look different.

In BR I get Nodes but they are blacked out even after when adding them via the "round material icon>Add (in my example I used a red diffuse) Then there is a small icon in the window that asks no nodes used, or something like that. If I click that I get nodes but again of different look including the output node?
If I click on use nodes the same nodes but my material turns black where it was once red (in this example) Is this just Blenders different engines showing different nodes. Where they need to be hooked up different? Or am I going about it wrong?
Thanks for the direction

Blender Render and Cycles material nodes are completely different.

In your first image you have not selected or created a material to use in your nodes (see the message of No Material Nodes Selected). Nothing = Black

It’s two different worlds and switch in between. Either no nodes material or nodes involved. Switches are two - one on the materials tab, icon “Use Shader Nodes” or checkbox on node editor menu. Both do the same.
If you are in node creation process you start by adding material node (if it’s not already there) - as you see it has black on Diffuse and Specular inputs. BI node material ‘palette’ is a bit more limited than Cycles; texture nodes are even more … hard to use? Can’t even formulate this properly; helps if you create texture on Texture tab initially, Paint one fits too. Then you can choose it in Texture nodes, modify and use in node material. Check wiki - should be a lot of examples available.

Thank you guys,
I was curious as to why I COULD add a material (the red diffuse) using the Material Icon. Then when switching to Nodes I do not have the Nodes?
It seems that in cycles, IF I add a material shader such as diffuse of glossy via the material icon (brn world icon) IF I then switch to Nodes they are there. That is what I was referring to.
So I guess it is not me, it is how blender does it in B Render engine then.
Thanks again

Cycles only uses node materials

Blender renderer can use node materials or non node materials. Don’t switch between them, just stick with the non nodes

This does not make sense to me. BR does both, but do not switch between them, just use NON nodes??
If it does both why do I need to use NON Nodes?