Blender Render Particles to Blender Game Object.

Okay so I’ve found a somewhat good way of cheating in the BGE, however I do not know how to make 1000particles into one object… I’ve seen it done before, but how?

(Is this the right forum I need to post this in?)

Forgive me if this answer is too simpleminded – but you can select many objects and join them into one with [Ctrl+j]. Or have you not gotten to the step where you make your particles real?


I have gotten there, yes so how?

OK, so for “Object” and “Group” type particles you can “Make Duplicates Real” with [Ctrl+Shift+a] (Or [Ctrl+a] > Make Duplicates Real, if you can remember that easier). But they won’t have any animation associated with them.

What effect overall are you trying to accomplish? Maybe we can help you with that.


That’s okay with me. thanks it worked.