Blender Render won't render

Blender won’t render this book even though I have checked all the texture and material settings.
Can anyone see where the problem lies?

Has it maybe something to do with the scene? For a similar phenomena happened with the birds material and texture before. In fact the render result was a total blank but I solved the problem by adding a new scene by Linking Object Data (hence scene 001).

By the way, does anyone know a good tutorial where blender’s texturing and render problems are explained and worked over in a way to make blender’s texturing and renderings method clear?

I thank you all for your input.


If you look in the outliner (top right corner) you have disabled the renderability of lots of objects (greyed out camera icon)

There are other possibilities and it’s always best to attach your blend file so other people can check it out

Maybe its the Camera that causes the problem?
Seems that when I created the new scene (so the camera will render again) the camera was automatically duplicated into camera 001. Therefore how do I get my first camera rendering scene 001?
I wish I had not yet created a new scene but it was the only solution I could find to get my camera to render.

Here I put the blender file, I deleted the rig and the bird for now.
The following Error occured: Uploading file failed.
I will try again.

Thank you for your help.

Tried 10 times to upload my blender file, saving it under different names as well but I constantly
keep getting the upload error message even the blender file is only 3,5 mb

What can that be? :confused:

Also what is very strange, the seagull still renders even though it had been deleted as you can see in the outliner but the book is still rendering without textures and I cant upload the blend file to show you guys.
Any idea what is happening here?


Can’t do much without having the blend file. You must also pack textures in the blend file (File / External Data) menu or no-one but you on the planet will be able to see your textures.

Uploaded the compressed blend file, at least the upload error message don’t show up any more but the file is not there.

To compress the blend file I used .rar, guess this may causes the upload problem?

The compressed rar file is 10.432 KB.

Is there any free file compression tool that is supported by blender artists forum to upload my blend file?

Yes, gzip. That is what Blender uses when you select “compress” on the file -> save as dialog.
You can also use and share the link.

Thank you JA12, I finally managed to upload this blend file after being stuck with this problem for over 2 weeks. It’s here:

Thank you all for your help.

You have image strips in the video sequence editor, which is handled last when you render (post processing step).
Either remove strips from the VSE or disable sequencer from the render properties

Also you probably don’t want to insert a image strip per frame in VSE. When you add an image strip, select all in the file browser and you get one strip for the whole sequence.

Thank you JA12, I would have never found out without your help.
Where can I read more about this so I can find out how to work around those problems systematically in future.

Also, why is blender rendering this book out totally wrong after I unwrapped and applied the texture and it shoes it right as the textured view.

Since I have started working with blender 8 years ago I have to this day never really understood the logic around blender’s Material and Texturing. Is there anywhere where I can find out the in depth about it?

I thank you all for your help and advise.


Ok I found the problem, had to switch from Generated to UV and it is working now.

This is exactly what I mean about the logic, for I have other books working as Generated so I still don’t know when to use the one or the other method.

But it is working now and that is what counts, so I can call this theme solved thanks to you guys.

Thank you ever so much for your great input.

I don’t know. I’ve watched a lot of tutorials over the years. I try to help here and on IRC, seeing other people’s files/problems helps to understand what is going on and solve them. Keeping in touch with other blendheads also helps to know how Blender is changing.