Blender rendering smoke white instead of color?

So anytime I render smoke, in any of the blender releases, it always renders as a white color instead of a grey, smokey color. My first thought was the lighting but after adjusting, adding and even deleting lamps it still rendered this horrible white color. I then tried adjusting some smoke settings such as smoke color but nothing would change it. I am now out of ideas to why it is doing this. I have read everywhere to try and find a solution but I have had no luck so posting on this forum is a last resort.

I have attached a picture to show you what’s happening.


I have attached a picture to show you what’s happening.
But no useful information !

We know nothing about the materials you are using or render settings.

Why not attach or post a link to your blend file so everyone else has the same info you have.

Also your hardware spec and why are you using such an old version of blender (well over a year outdated)

Here is my file:
twister.blend (1.09 MB)

My normal PC which has graphics cards is currently under repair so just now I am stuck with my laptop which only has a AMD Dual-Core Processor. This could possibly be the problem but I wan’t different opinions before I jump to conclusions.


By default, in Blender, particles are rendered using halos. So that’s what you see, to avoid that, in the particles settings, in the render panel set rendering to ‘None’ instead of ‘Halo’.

instead of halo particles, I would suggest using the smoke in the objects menu >> quick effects >> smoke