Blender Renders Everything in White?

I’m trying to make an animated logo/watermark in Blender. I realized that I needed a transparent background for this to work, so I set the animation to render in RGBA and to draw the image in RGB colors with transparency. Now when I render the animation, all the objects (some text and a ring) appear in all white. This did not happen before I set it to render in RGBA. How do I fix this?

P.S. in the 3d view window, everything shows with normal colors.

P.S. when I click ‘Render Image’ it works just fine, but when I click ‘Render Animation’, all the objects turn white.

Post your blend file here. If there are any textures make sure to pack them in your blend (File / External Data menu entry)

Thank you for the reply, but I managed to fix it. As it turns out, I accidentally adjusted the ‘Emit’ value to 1000, causing everything to go white.

However, now that it rendered properly, once I import it into Sony Vegas, the animation has a gray background. In the render screen on Blender, it shows to have a transparent background (the gray and white checkerboard). Any suggestions? I’m rendering it in Raw AVI format.

You could try this: render to a sequence of images that support alpha channels, like TGA or PNG. Take a look at the first one, while blender is rendering. Is the alpha channel there? If so, that’s a good first sign, and it won’t take long to render such a test.