Blender rpg work in progress

hey guys im new to the forum and i just want to show you my new project its on youtube and ive only started it tell me what you think!!!


sweet job man

thanks its gonna take a while because theres only to people doing it (me and m friend) ill keep it updated tho

I4m sorry but this is a nice accomplishement for a noob but these just are inbuilt features put together. I mean three hours ? I don’t want to be mean or anything but this is not a work in progress. Call it few test or what ever but this prison cell ( which is really simplimistic) don’t belong to the game wip but to some showroom. Even if you put some effort to edit the movie and put some music there is nothing to see.

sorry dude but you really need to work something out bcause you don’t even have any title storyline or anything( I don’t like storyline and such but at least it’s something).

Next time come with a workable demo or a in game video.

I have to agree with black reaper… 3 hours???

Dude that’s crazy… It looks like it’s just several spheres with a texture making up the cave…

You will be working on this a LONG time if your that slow…

Goodness… :frowning:

Monkey: Everybody works on there own pace… :wink: But I don’t think that’s what black reaper ment… I think he meant that you shoud put more WORK before you put it in the work in progress… And I agree…

It’s nothing but a few models, with GLSL, you can’t call it an RPG yet, you need some logic, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to post a .blend, but post a VIDEO of the logic… NOT the models, not very much people care about seeing models in an RPG game :confused:

Keep Blending! Cheers!

okok it did take about 3 hours BUT i had some trouble with the materials and stuff for now im concentrating on the models guys logic wil come near the end… btw i do have a story line

ok guy back with the second update it is a town that i made and a 2 shields then my friend made the other town and the sword (yes ino i should be concentrating on logic’s but i wanna do it my way so dont tell me what to do and what not to do first lol

Ok I’m sorry.

as said above, this should not be called WIP for now.

I would suggest u to first start on the technical things, like walking, stats and inventory.
Those 3 are the most important for the most rpg. Walking can be done easyliy,
stats are just abit more python. And if u can get your stats u should be able to do a inventory. Models can be added at about 40-70% of the WIP.

And if u seriously plan on going far with it, u have to keep your motivation up, this can be done with feedback from the forum but much more with your own working stuff.
So stay simply at the game at the beginning and the physics.
For the start a cube would be the perfect thing. ensure the core works,
i dont know what your rpg is about, but if u wanna sale it("your youtube comments following’) it must be stable, dont go into details.

Creating a single cave or a bag and then saying this is my RPG, is abit over the top.

However, i wish u the best progress!

greets equal

okok i get your point yes em heres more wip

still no logic but i really just wanna model first THEN the physics come. because this is going to be very interactive like with doors and different things if you get my point

okok More UPDATES !!!


If you have a storyline, show it to us. You probably spent just as much time on making and uploading a video as modeling which just shows a complete lack of attention span. You’re posting unnecessary threads when you can be working on your project; chalk it up to the attention span. At least have something legit to show us before you start a thread.

My friend , nice improvement indeed but you should just do your game a let the community and the forum. Posting progress is one of the best way to not finish your game. Forcus on what is important, let the wip for later.

but your model are cool. You should be able to provide a demo in few weeks. Just forcus on that first and I would be glad to try out your game and give some valuable feedback

I think people are being excessively harsh here. The project has shown much more progress than the majority of the stuff that clutters the forum. Just because there is no gameplay yet doesn’t make it not work in progress. Generally people should stick to what they are good at and enjoy, they are far more productive that way. You don’t get programmers making art in real titles do you.
I agree a story line would be nice and can help make your world coherant but it’s not necessary yet as the models are fairly generic.
Stick to what your good at and add a programmer/logic bricker? to the team whenever your ready. Once you have good progress people will clamour to join up.
Good luck and keep up the good work.

thanks wookie1 well i have added some logic (its just to accube so i can roam aroun the town i just modeled) and i do have a story line butwere just tweaking it my

btw you have to take notice that there are only 2 people making this game thats modeling and logic and progress will be a bit slower when we go back to school which is 2 weeks

but hey we’ll get there!

I cringe every time I hear this. It reminds me of my youth.

Remember the old adage: Gameplay and ugly models is a game, beautiful models are not.

Logic is really the starting point of a game. You should prototype all aspects of the game play before you do anything else.

Now all that said, I must say your second update was quite impressive. Did you model & texture all those resources yourself or are they from a pack? The scenes look nice but are in desperate need of a skybox

Also, if you’re not big on character modeling and need a bunch of guys fairly quickly this might be a help

Hmmm… I think everybody should lay off sn1py101. True, it doesn’t have gameplay yet, therefore it isn’t a WIP, it’s more like a "game in progress without logic that just started :slight_smile: ). But, I’m not going to put you down on it because I think this project is going way farther than a lot of you guys think :).

Wookie:People aren’t being harsh because it’s only models, because a lot of the game engine games are basicly just beautiful models and very well done scenes. But I think people are being harsh because of the fact that he’s calling it an RPG game… Although I do agree with you, you should just let him do what’s he good at, because if he’s not good with programming the gameplay will suck, when he has a good amount of progress programmers will start joining his team and it may have some potential then…

Just as long you keep on working on this, I’m fine with it now, and nevermind my first post on this thread.

I wish you luck,

lol does it really matter what the game is called i call it rpg (|WIP) lol u call it whatever you want lol

yes Rorkimaru i modelled and textured the first town you see in the video the prison and the shields then my freind ch0pper ( i think hes called xxender here) did that second town and the sword