Blender School

The ‘Blender School’ is now open and ready for signups. If you are new to Blender or just want to learn more, join the school. You will first learn all the basic controls, then work your way up to making high quality models. We will start as soon as 8-10 people have joined, so signup ASAP. At the end of the school, you will be able to work with others to make a game. The site is at
Click on forum, and register.
After your registered, send me(FCmagician) a PM.
Real FX Studios Admin.

I just wanted to give some tips on the site design, you should really get some nice CSS going on so the page scales with the size of the users window. I have my res at 1280x1024, and I have to max my window just to see everything, and there is still a bit of room to scroll. :o

You can also put padding on the paragraphs with css, so you don’t have to use a million ‘’ in your code.

If you have to have content at a fixed size, it shouldn’t be more than about 700 pixels wide. Also I think your logo graphic and Nav links are way bigger than they need to be.

Good luck with your site.

Now that is a cool idea.
I think I’ll join up and check it out. :wink:

zbgump-yea, we’re trying to fix the size right now. Before we updated the site, the size was too small, and the background repeated.

We need 6 more to signup before we start the lessons.

Theres something easily solved with CSS :slight_smile:


body {




Thanks zbgump, I’ll try that. I’m currently working on updated pictures to the oif gallery located at and click on gallery.
The pictures aren’t the final ones, since we have switched to a more powerful game engine.

There is also a chatroom( located at and click on chat) that can be used 24/7 for the school and other Blender related chat.

hi there!
I just wanted to sign up but I dont find where %| so here a stupid question:
hun hun, where do I sign?

Go to and click on forum. Then click on register at the top of the page.

ouff thanks!!! :stuck_out_tongue:
I would have never thought to say that but, I am looking forward to start school :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wait until you meet the teacher! LOL

ahah LOl! too late it is done! I am registred now :stuck_out_tongue:

I joined, but I’m really busy a lot of the time, so I might not be able to go on a lot…

If by any chance you need any help, just let me know, I would be glad to develop the site. :wink:

Wiggie- We’re trying something to get it fixed, but it it doesn’t work, I’ll have you help.

Hi FCmagician,
Tried to register but my password kept getting refused. I prefer a secure firewall and no trackers and cookies. Do you need us to lower our security settings to get registered?

Out of the thousands of Blender users out there, you should have no problem finding ten that would “sign up” just to get you started. Why ten though - is there a spam target-quota you are not telling us about?

The forum that we used is hosted on another site, so I am not sure about the firewall settings and stuff. But my guess is that it uses cookies to register.
There is no spam. I just picked ten because it’s about the right number to make a small game after everyone finishes the class.

I think this could be really interesting. But please, resize your logos. It looks really unprofessional when one has to maximize the page to see everything. And I’m on 1280x1024.

Hope more people join in!

I’m fixing the size now.

are there any intermediate to advanced classes being offered?