Blender Screenwriter

Screenplay navigation with Samy/Tonton’s ‘Text Markers’ add-on:


Now there is a correctly formatted title page in the preview of the Blender Screenwriter add-on. Samy Tichadou has converted the add-on into a Blender standarts multi file add-on.

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Writing in Blender Screenwriter using the fountain markup syntax:


After generating a sequence, it is now possible to switch scenes from the Text Editor:

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If you want the Blender File Browser to recognize .fountain screenplay files then show some love for this patch:
(Without it you’ll have to switch off the file filter every time you want to load a .fountain file)

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Insert title page function added to Blender Screenwriter:

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Toggle scene numbers:

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Adding markers and writing timed script into the 3D View(updated to 2.8+):

Improved timing and more info as text strips(new):