Blender Scripts management (Add-on as Favourites)// IK3D

Hi guys I’m pleased to share with you the first realise of my “Blender script Management”.

This script allows you to manage the Add-on as Favourites directly in the properties of the scene.
The idea is to have a list of favourites , to quickly check if our favourites scripts are enabled or not. With the ability to add the add-on in the list of Favourites passing by the placed search in header.

below the download link from my github

I waiting for your feedback
Feel free :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I like this addon, it’s very useful…

It will be nice to have save button.
It will be awesome to make some similar addon for scripts. :wink:

I see the Idea and it is great, especially for me, because I have enabled more than 500 addons. However, there are problems with this addon. The first one is that it is painfully slow on a configuration like mine. Is the properties region the best option? why not integrate it directly in the user preferencies/addons section?It makes more sense, plus it maybe faster. Second problem I see is that there are no tooltips in your operators, so its hard to understand what the operators do.
and then, I have a question: where the addon writes the list of the favourites?

Few other suggestions: create an operators:

  1. “Mark enabled addons as favourites” - marks all enabled addons as favourites and adds them to the favourites list.
  2. operator “Enable all favourites” checks for all addons from favourites list. if an addon from favourites list is not enabled, this operator enables it.
    Then, suppose I download a new blender version, I need only to copy my addons in the new version addons folders and then just hit the button “enable all favourites” and voila - the heavy one-hour manual labour of enabling all addons that I use is done by the script! This would be awesome!

this seams like a nice add on but for us tech morons I can’t download it from where you have it linked.90% of the addons I try to add from github fail for me.

from this link: in right of the screen there is a ‘download ZIP’ button.

ty sir that did the trick

What is the bookmark button doing exactly? How do applications become “bookmarked” and appear in that list when the bookmark button is clicked? Thanks for a wonderful add-on.

FYI to anyone planning to use this, the way it works is it edits the script files of your addons and change their category values to Favorites.
I got some popup error/warning messages while testing it but when I came back later to seriously use it, I found that several addons were missing. Values were incorrectly changed in their files (missing quotation marks) and since the size of the altered file and the original were too large to be just missing 4 quotations, it must have did a lot more tinkering in the file (that may have broke functionality as well).

If you’re going to use this then make sure you backup any addon that you’re going to alter with this.

The usefull thing. Thanks