blender segfaulting / vertex limit?

(slikdigit) #1

hello all
I’m having a problem with a certain blend (for the living mechanics project) that I’ve been modeling in publisher.
basically it segfaults on render- even with one light. the model is in multiple objects, and the meshes are dense- overall, the largest vertex count-spread among multiple subsurfs, that I’ve ever done.
I can’t open the file in creator-static or dynamic.
So is there an overall vertex limit I can render? can I use instanced (alt-D) duplicate to get around it? or do you think I have a corrupted .blend?
working on linux on two different machines, an athlon+nvidia geforce3 and a P4 laptop w/mobile radeon.
help! or I’ll have to bow out of the contest. :frowning:
If this sounds like a post of desperation, you’re pretty on track.
And if I can’t render it, does anyone know if any exporters work on 2.25?

(slikdigit) #2

Ok, I just deleted all the legs but one and it rendered. I guess there is a vertex limit ?

(theeth) #3

maybe rendering without subsurf would work, or even just reducing the subdivision level. Anyway, yes, it’s a vertex limit bug… :-?


(slikdigit) #4

Theeth again! I hope to personally thank you on the 12th?
I’ll try your (subsurfless) suggestion, and I have an idea for a damaged mech for the entry- one that has lost all/some legs, depending on how many will render. It broke my render, now I’m gonna break it -grrrh.
That is life- Iguess you francophones have some saying for that :wink:

(theeth) #5

c’est la vie :wink: