[blender] selecting an object withing many objects?

I can’t select a single object. It’s a model out of multiple objects, but when I select one object it selects all of them.

Blender treats them all like one object.


can you post a blend? It doesn’t normally do that. Is it a rig? Please give us more info so we can help.

There’s always the possibility that it’s all one object. If you enter edit mode and all of the meshes go to edit mode, it’s all one object. If this is the case, seperating them is simple:

  1. Enter edit mode.
  2. Select one of the meshes (shortcut for a connected group is “L”).
  3. Hit “P”.
  4. Click “Selected”.

Vwala! er, maybe that’s not how that’s spelled…w/e

hope that helped :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I can select separate objects in edit mode with the “L” key, but in object mode it’s all one object.

Blender treats them as one object because it appears you joined all the meshes.
with Ctrl - J?
Anyways, if you want to seperate them, select one object with L
Then hit P.
Just like bluetygr said.

Also keep questions like this in the support section.