Blender sensor/actuator question

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I was wondering if it were possible with the game engine to trigger separate actuators (for example changing an object’s colour properties from black to red, and again from red to green) in succession using the same sensor (a left mouse click)?

In this instance I would like to trigger a sequence of separate ipo animations running from, for example, frames 1 - 100, and another from frames 100 - 200, by clicking my mouse. This is possible by defining separate sensors to each actuator, but I haven’t been able to figure out if the same sensor can be used for cueing animations. Is this possible?

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You do not connect sensors to actuators.
You connect sensors to controllers and controllers to actuators.

Between all logic bricks is an n:m relation. Which means you can connect any number of logic bricks to any number of according logic bricks.

As this does not help you very much with your problem, there are multiple solutions:

use states!
Each state playes the animation you want when entering the state (Always sensor Level mode).
When you click the mouse, you change to the next state which playes it’s animation and reacts on mouse click by switching to the next state.

use a property
similar to the states, a property stores a value (state) which let the according animation play. On mousclick you change the property value (e.g. increase it)

use a Python controller and a property:
Similar to B) the property stores the current state.
On mouse click execute the Python controller, which

  • sets the parameters of the IPO actuator according to the value of the property
  • activates the IPO actuator
  • changes the property to the next value (state).
    This method can be implemented with one IPO actuator only.

Thanks very much for your feedback, Monster! I shall have a go using states.

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