Blender, share the knowledge?


I’m interested in sharing my knowledge of Blender, art/design, works in progresses etc, and was wondering if there was any similar minded people that want to do the same?

I’ve been with Blender for somewhere around 8 years, and was a graphic designer previously. I recently moved over to Linux permanently, and so I now use open-source software, e.g. Blender, Gimp, Inkscape, MyPaint, Krita, Lightworks as you can probably imagine.

I don’t mind who you are, or where you’re from as long as you have similar abilities or knowledge, you understand a bit of wit and repartee, and don’t take yourself too seriously (just your work).

Currently I’m unemployed, originally from the UK, but live in Ireland now. Darwinism hasn’t happened here yet, I know of very few people that have actual PCs, if they do, they’re only used for Facebook and Twitter - I’ve only ever met one person here that knows of Linux and beards - the idea that people actually create art on a screen is beyond the majority and nearly impossible for them to grasp. Are you in a similar boat?

I’m looking to push forward to do more sculpting and animation over the next year, and as always I love using Cycles.

Here’s a quick compilation of some of the blender art I’ve created over the last few years, and here’s a link to my blendswap too in case you’re interested in getting in touch

Thanks, Jay.

Jay, you are very cool for sharing all of these stuff. Good work. :slight_smile:

yay lots of files to play with cycle optimization

few optimizations on the left original on the right use the same samples, tile size and resolution

you can see some tiny differences but you wouldnt notice them if you didnt see the original :wink:

really kool stuff guys …very impressive.!!:yes:

Still no takers to share the knowledge - come on guys, get in touch!

Some of those scenes were created a good while ago on Blendswap, and there are more optimisisations now in Cycles - so you should be able to shave off a little render time on them now I expect. :slight_smile:

I think everyone is busy creating:)

this is all i have

wow , You’re very talented person , and thanks for sharing your experiences , I also live in the Uk , in Nottingham and Sadly I haven’t met with nobody that interested in 3D yet .

Maybe I’ve not eplained well enough, wouldn’t be the first time :wink:

Yeah, I’m looking to get some regular blender pals to write to (via the usual methods), share blends, WIPs, shaders, nodes and ultimately knowledge and a bit of conversation - It’d be a long forum post to do that all in here in BA, so if you’re interested at all, you can contact me via a msg in BA, Blenderswap, or if you download one of my blends, you’ll find my email.

It’s a real pain doing what we do, but not having anyone to share it all with, except the odd post in BA an odd upload to Blendswap, or maybe a tut on Youtube - it’s pretty isolating at times isn’t it?

It doesn’t matter so much if you haven’t been at Blender as long as me either, I probably should be a lot better for the time I’ve spent with it by now!

Anyhu, get in touch if you like :slight_smile: