Blender + Sheepit + Natron

You’ll be familiar with the scene, now. An indoor render. This was me experimenting with sheepit render farm, with a combined total render time of a massive 139 days, actually rendered in 1.5 days. Even then, I had to split the tiles (which meant no-denoising) and reduce samples to get it within sheepit limits.

Next step was Natron, which I used to put the rendered frames together and de-noise the whole kit and caboodle. I’m still new with Natron, so happy enough at the job it did (there’s a lot of noise in the individual frames).

The downside was the whole render time. Sheepit took the pressure off my machine, but Natron still took around 5 hours to de-noise and render the pan. Oh, and I have an awful lot of render time to sacrifice to sheepit to recover the massive 900k points it cost me.

I see one problem, which I can fix once I’m back in the black (substantially) over at sheepit, underneath the door in the passage way, but otherwise, I’m quite pleased. Next time, I may speed it up a touch.

Now I’ve seen how good sheepit is, I already have an idea to revive an old project which would benefit from some movement.