Blender slow, vista + quadro???

I got a little weird trouble.
I have blender installed on 2 computers:
a laptop, Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz, XP Pro 32 bit, 2GB ram and the graphics are in the motherboard.
a stationary, Intel Core 2 Duo 3GHz, Vista Ultimate 64-bit, 6GB ram and Nvidia Quadro FX1700.
The strange is that blender (mostly in the fluid, Posing Armatures, animating…) is better and more smooth on the laptop,
think and feel that it should be better on the other one?
Does anyone have any ideas and thoughts about that and what I can do or done wrong?
Aero and everything fancy in vista is off.

Could it be possible to install a Linux partition on your machine? Most of people here have testified a very good and smooth Blender behaviour under Linux.

What is your vista performance index on the laptop? My laptop came with vista and even though I had a great nVida card as hardware, it did not have the accelerated driver installed. My initial vista performance index was 1.0. After I installed the driver from nVidia, it went up to 4.8.

What about the drivers? are they up to date?