Blender slowdown...

I just got a new machine with awesome specs:

3.07 Ghz, 384 Mb RAM, and ATI Radeon XPress 200.

The only bad thing about it is that when I reinstalled Blender, blender slowed down to a crawl when I tried to load a file, UV map something, or work with the buttons. Does anybody know how to fix this?

This belongs in Basics and Interface. Please decide on the appropriate forum before posting!

Okay, I’ll move it over, but do you have any suggestions for how I can fix this?

Do a search for “ATI slowdown”. It’s you ATI card that’s causing the problem…

“awesome specs”

“384 Mb RAM”

Uhhh… wtf? :?

Buy more RAM!

Its an unfortunate state of affairs, but 512 MB of RAM is a practical minimum for many applications these days. Windows alone will use a hefty chunck of that. If I were you, and I had the money, I would upgrade to 1 Gig of RAM (or more for serious/intense 3D work).

Is three eighty four even possible?

384 RAM?!?!
Even my worst laptop has 1 gig :smiley:

Yes… 128 + 256 = 384 YAY!!!

But yeah, you need more RAM and most likely something going on with your ATI card.

It IS his ATI card. Look in the “Basics & interface” forum for help.

I can’t speak for everyone else, but I wasn’t disputing that. I think you’re right on. I was just pointing out a separate, but valid issue for a “top of the line” computer.

a computer of those specs should have 1-2GB of ram.


Heehee… Sounds like he has the exact computer as I do. Emachine W3503? Was a great bargain… Only 500 dollars. I’m planning on upgrading the ram later (and no, 384mb of ram is NOT awesome. At all.)

i got a pentium II with about that much ram. please, get more ram. i think you may also be having trouble with your processor storing commands in the ram, because it’s so comparatively small (i’m not a pro with computer hardware, so this is practically my opinion). nice processor though. sounds good, though if you got it inexplicably cheap, i wouldn’t trust it for as far as i could throw it.