Blender Snowing pass

Hello everyone.
I prepared a second animation (not to be too monotonous I changed the season) trying to correct the many errors (especially related to walking) that many of you have pointed out to me in the video posted a few days ago.
I thank everyone because constructive criticism is the best way to try to grow a little bit in life and also in the use of Blender.

I hope you like it at least a little more than the previous one.
Thank you very much again to everyone for your time.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Tks so much ^ ^

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It looks real. it looks like a lot of mesh.

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Looks great - the sound also does a great job of selling the scene.

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Hello m8, not too many tbh, if you look on my little Youtube page there is the same video but with Blender UI rendered…
Tks for stepping by! ^ ^

Tks so much, sounds are not well syncronized but at least it give ambience ^ ^
Tks so much!