Blender soda anyone?

This is my first posted Blender picture :yes:
I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to learn 3D and Blender and have probably spent 10+ hours/day testing and reading forums, watching tutorials.
It’s a painfully slow learning process but rendering out a nice picture makes it all worth it.

This Blender soda can took 2 days to figure out how to make, i started over a lot of times and always realized i started out wrong and needed to begin fresh again.
I made the graphics in Inkscape, made DOF, sharpening, vignette, bloom and some color boost in the node editor, and added the text and grain in PS.

Cheers :eyebrowlift2:

(I have updated the picture after suggestion from Lunatic 069)

(Click for larger image)

Very good for a first render, good object placement and excellent use of texturing/shading. Did you use UV mapping? You could darken up the material for the soda can just a little bit, its a bit on the lighter side of gray.

Only 2 weeks! I’ve been doing blender for 2 months and I’m not this good (then again my language arts teacher hasn’t been very kind to me with homework). Anyway, good job.

looks really good. nice job

Thanks for your kind words :smiley:

Sadly i actually spent two weeks of my vacation learning Blender, that’s the only way why i could do 10-12 hours/day :o

You’re right, it is a little to bright… i’ll try a darker material for the can tomorrow.

Yes i used UV mapping to apply the graphic.
Attached is a smaller version of the image i made in Inkscape for the UV.


Nice I love it! Good way to use the blender logo! Good imagination! Cheers!

@Lunatic 069

Original picture is now updated with your suggestion of the can darker, thanks :yes:

The only problem I see is that your texture is stretching way too much. In a professional setting the distortion of a logo, as you have presented, would be unacceptable for a final.

Good job, however despite the texturing problems.

quick way to fix that, just stretch the blender logo inwards like make it vertical stretched (if you do scale along the horiz axis and do a decimal value in blender) Cuz the way you have the font is fine. OR ofcourse you can make the texture longer, which what i recommend doing though.

@ Atom and DDD

Thanks for direct critique and suggestions, that’s highly appreciated.

I’m not sure i’m doing this the right way.
The first way i just made a 2048x1600 image (seemed like a good size), but the graphic is a bit stretched.
I put it to “Coordinates: UV” in the Mapping section and used “Clip” in the Image mapping section for the texture.

So take two (steps in attached image)

  1. Box selected and unwrapped the faces (Cylinder Projection).
  2. In UV-editor i selected “Export UV-layout” and saved that as an svg.
  3. Opened the svg in Inkscape, it was 1025x1309,28 px
  4. Adjusted my can graphic to that size with the UV-layout visible as a guide, exported the new image as 1025x1309 px.
  5. Opened the new image in UV-editor and…? it doesn’t match the grid, i deleted it and clicked NEW and made it 1025x1309 it still doesn’t match the grid, and if i adjust the grid to match the graphic the result looks skewed and wrong.

Any suggestions on how i should do this better?


You can not stretch the unwrapped grid or the image will look stretched. What I have done in the past is to simply take a screen grab of the UV layout then paste it as a layer in a photoshop document that is the same size as the image size in Blender. Then I stretch the UV in photoshop to match the document size. Then I use those lines as a guide for layout in photoshop. Once the layout is done, I save out the image without the UV guides and use that as my map. There may be other/better work flows as well.

@ Atom
Thanks, but when i do that it’s pretty much the same size as the exported UV-layout.
Bu no matter what i try i can’t seem to put graphic on a cylinder that has a Subsurf modifier applied to it.
It’s either stretched or doesn’t fill the area correctly or gets repeated.

So PLEASE if anyone could explain how to UV-map a texture to a cylinder with Subsurf applied to it so it is rounded at the top/bottom… like my soda can.

Thanks :o

In a photo editer, just squish the logo.

Nah, you never want to distort the logo. The logo is always sacred.

I think your problem may be coming from the fact that you are using a cylindrical projection.

A better way is to use the smart projection. It may take a little longer to do your layout, but you will not get distortion. I am sorry I don’t have a more polished solution here, but hopefully this screen shot and BLEND file will get you going in the right direction. As you can see in my screen shot, the logo is not distorted. Sorry is upside down.

You will probably want to re-arrange the output from the smart projection to make it easier to layout your image map. The default output, I show below, is difficult to work with.


ras_texture_can.blend (322 KB)

This is sick stuff for a first render! I took alot of time to learn Blender, and this is just great for a first render. If I would’ve done something like this, it would’ve taken atleast 4-5months for sure! Great work, just take care of that stretching- and what about adding a slightly reflective ground plane?

@ Atom
Thanks, you got me on the right track to solve the distorted graphic :slight_smile:
I exported the UV-map like you had your and adjusted the graphic to match that, meaning that i had to make parts of the graphic skewed a little to match the UV-map.
After it was mapped it all was in place perfect :yes:
Now i have a few reflections to take care of before i can call it finished.

Thanks everyone for critique and tips.

(click picture for 2560x1600 high res version)

Ah yes, much better! I love it! Makes me thirsty…thirsty for blender!!!..soda!!!
Good job mate!

Nice follow up, looks great!

Thanks guys :smiley:

Your can was so clean and perfectly modeled, i bet it didn’t take near as long as i had to spend with mine :o

I checked your Your Audi RSQ and Ironman Models… simply stunning work :yes:

Why thank you there mate!!