Blender spotted in Autodesk Pier 9 Video

Autodesk’s Pier 9 is a huge workshop in San Francisco where they work together with artists and makers to develop ‘maker technology’. This includes 3D printing, CNC machines and other things.

Well then…


Heh, good find. Though, I reckon it was left in primarily because they didn’t recognise it and/or don’t think of Blender as competition. It’d have more weight in regards to AD opinion of Blender were it to have come out they deliberately ensured shots of Blender were excluded from the advertisement. [SUP][SUB]shrug[/SUB][/SUP]

They might realize that it’s technically almost impossible for FOSS to become a major threat simply because it’s free (many people and especially large companies associate software value with its cost) and that many only leave the industry leading software because something else became not just good, but the best.

Also, commercial vendors have the ability to offer mass-scale real-time paid support, something that a non-profit like the BF find difficult to achieve (though the Blender Network and the Blender Cloud is a good step).

As far as I know, they can position themselves to vacuum up all of the people who start out as Blender and advertise themselves as the solution if they start feeling limited (despite the fact that it’s not as much a dire issue with Blender as it used to be).

I think you nailed it…while I often disagree with your views(respectfully ofc) I have to say my thoughts coincide with yours completely…and I feel the future of blender is ofc being able to offer some form of support like the blender network, as stated.
tbh I do see myself as a blender fan boy…but only due to the fact I want to see it continue to mature and grow as both a small house solution as well as a mass user large studio solution…and I think the development of the newer features like the asset project and the cloud are just brilliant. I don’t have much use for them as I do everything myself, but! it does draw more attention from med to large studios…and that draws more devs etc etc…in the end I still win :slight_smile:
as for AD, they do see blender as competition in a customer survey it is listed as “what alternate packages does your studio use” case study I guess…this was mentioned to me by a friend who’s studio does use autocad architecture…so it is definitely on their radar…they would have to be plain ignorant not to watch out for it as a competitor.(see…fanboy) :slight_smile:

You can not possibly make any conclusions from a screen shot in a video. There is a very strong chance that the video was produced by a local video company for hire. And Blender being making it to the final cut may have not even been micromanaged by the marketing team at Audodesk who handled this. Thing is we don’t know. But for sure a lot of these things happen way down the chain of command. You can write it off as a mistake, oversight or fluke. But making any conclusions otherwise is drawing this conjecture to a point that can not be substantiated.

On the 3DC side of things there is every bit of evidence that Blender has an impact on the global market even if small.
Does AD care about that?

It is an absolute statement of logic that every percentage of market share by such a company is taken into consideration.

People make a living studying these kinds of statistics for a reason.


Ah screw the major companies they can ride their houdini,maya 2016,mari,etc as long as they want

They are not blender’s audience

the 1 to 20 man team is blender’s audience

In the case of Houdini though, it actually gets a lot of cool stuff every year (sand simulation, lava simulation ect…). Side Effects is even putting a bit more focus on the modeling tools (which was a common user complaint). Their VFX workflow is really something that the BF can take a page from.

Same with Mari and its UDIM technology, it was actually a pretty innovative piece of software when it first came out.

Blenders vfx will never be as good as houdinis unless some really really good squad of simulation devs decided to join blender

or some disgruntled sidefx employee quits and reveals all the source code

I am not jaded

and blender’s texture painting while isn’t bad, it isn’t as good as mari or substance painter

But hey I know one thing it does right! the texture painter runs on very low spec machines

But you mentioned that the major companies can go screw themselves (even the innovative ones).

At least acknowledge that some of them have very good ideas and are working in the interest of their customers.

Actually I was hinting at the studios that use maya,houdini,mari

not sidefx,autodesk and the foundry
(I actually don’t have a problem with them)

ah you guys know AD is promoting the maker scene a with free apps as well !

i guess they dont even mind blender being in there why should they fear it.

B is a good poly modeler and thats it. no decent nurbs no trimming no fillets

not sure where in the maker scene blender can compete on a broad level.
special generative sub d design tasks is where blender is awesome at.

blender is actually very popular also among the makers

b with fusion is a ver good tool combo

ad also made a 3d printer and give the specs away for free

main reason blender does not make it mainstream are two things

UI UX still is an issue but most important is guaranteed tech support.
plug-ins, pipeline and such are also factors but I would bet tech support is number one issue

in the maker and independent studio scene this is less of an issue what explains
why Blender is there so popular in contrast to now very price solutions like Modo.

At least blender has a decent node editor and a viewport that doesn’t crash(It’s light years ahead of Cinema 4d, that’s not an exaggeration, hell c4d r17 doesn’t even have a node editor)

But it’s really lacking in some areas…

that cycles noise problem really is a problem…

Also that 90% of Autodesk eployees have never seen any their own aplications on their own computers.