Blender spotted in FOX's new show "Dads"

Watched an episode of Dads and I’m pretty sure that’s blender they’re using in the background.

It most likely is. I pretty much expected this though since it cost money for vfx people to do burn ins on blank screens… so having something running on a screen in the background is cheaper…and they wont buy a license for a 3d suit just for a background details, thus blender was the obvious choice.

Is it wrong for me to say sod what’s on the screen, the Lovely Lady in front of it catches my eye.

Haven’t seen the show, but that looks like a kid to me.

lol, looking at it again you may be right at first thought was a nice 25+ looker.

Not a kid. Kids are rarely professional extras unless a specific scene calls for it. Even shows about teens seem to attract actresses that are well into their late 20s and early 30s. Kind of creepy really, but if you can look the part you generally get it. In this case though thats most likely an adult trying her hardest to get a bigger role and is doing extra work in the mean time.