Blender Start-up Problem

I just started up blender to do some good ol’ blending, and the default file that opened was one of my projects that I have recently been working on. I tried going to FIle>new, but it opens my project again, any ideas as to why this might be?


You must have hit control-u and saved the user defaults by accidents. In linux you would delete the hidden “.B.blend” file and you would the get the factory defaults back. I’m not sure what this file is called in windows.


Yeah, I think i pressed that accidentally, but I cant find any files in my Blender folder that look like they would resemble some user settings, Im on windows, anyone know what the file is called?

thanks greybeard :smiley:

it is called .B.blend

it is in your windows directory, or C:\Documents and Settings\Nick\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender [my user name is nick, yours is probably different]

application data is a hidden folder and the 2.28 [iirc] and earlier .b.blend is somewhere else

I always thought that the backup file that blender automatically creates when you quit and the default user settings should be available under the file menu.


File -> Restore -> Factory Defaults
File -> Restore -> From Last Quit

Then users wouldn’t have to search around for the names and locations of these files. Maybe one day :smiley:

If i understand your problem, then you do not need to delete the .blend file at all. Just delete all the objects you have created and get the screen to look the way you want it to appear when you press File->New. Like the way it appears by default? Then Press Ctrl-U and that will save the setup as default.

You can use this to change your default setup at any time. Like if you want your default screen to be split in 2 etc.

Thanks to all who replied, it is now back to normal, and both methods work fine :smiley: