Blender startup and certain features VERY slow on new gamer PC


my config: i7-6700
Geforce GTX1080 8GB
I run into a problem that I never experienced on blender on any of my other PC’s or macs, not even the weakest ones, and this is now my best machine.

Starting up takes more then a minute (the black console shows no code as it normally does and just stays blank)
Certain features, especially opening pictures, not loading, at the point were I click ’ open’ this takes up to 3 minutes until I get to pick my image. Actually loading the pic is fast as usual. Sometimes clicking ‘open’ will even get blender stuck completely! any help???

Hi, Blender should be light speed on this system.
Which Blender, Windows version, is it a new fresh install?
You can try to start Blender from command shell (CMD) with blender.exe --factory-startup
Blender start without any settings, addons.
If you are not familar with CMD >
We may get helpful error messages too.

Cheers, mib

If this was my PC i would be throughly scanning for rootkits… But maybe its just some other software or hardware problem causing this…

grab official latest nvidia drivers. might be dud windows 10 default drivers…