Blender stopped letting me add textures...?

I’ve been using one project file for a while, and I have a couple of scenes.

I have a bunch of textures for baked AO maps. But for some reason Blender no longer renders the contents of the textures. It just displays the UV coordinates of my model as a wireframe. When I try to create a new texture using the + button, it seems to create a new texture but I can’t see how to select it when I bake to AO.

So in summary…

  • Does Blender have some kind of texture limit?
  • Why are my textures only being rendered in wire-frame?
  • How can I select which texture is used for baking AO maps?

When you are talking about rendering in Blender you have 2 options blender render and Cycles (cpu, gpu) which one you are working on?