Blender & Substance Painter 2 problem

Hi Guys

I have a problem when rendering in cycles render after texturing in Substance Painter 2.

The first image is an image of a subdivided cube with the material added from Substance Painter 2.

As you can see the ’ Metallic look’ is reasonable fine using the Principle shader.

But when I do a proper render the metallic look doesn’t appear.

any ideas ???


I suspect the highlights from the first image come from an environment map that is not being used in the second image…It could be somthing else, but there’s nothing in your post that shows SP/Bl settings that could point some error out (apart they are two different programs, with different renderers).

I Know that SP and Blender are different programs and use different renderers.

But the 2 images above are in Blender only.

The 1st as a screenshot of the viewport and the 2nd a render from the camera view.

As you can see the camera render loses the metallic look.

I have added an image of the setup for the Principle shader which is pretty straightforward.

I have also added an image of the world settings for the HDRI environment map .

There are 2 HDRI images being used. One for the model to get the highlights and the other an exact copy which was blurred in photoshop to be displayed as the background.

As you can see SB was just used to create the textures/ normal map etc.

The problem is with how the image loses’s the metallic look between blenders viewport view and the cameras finished render.


The viewport/material draw view does not use scene lights, it uses the solid shading OpenGL lights. Your actual scene lighting doesn’t have anything interesting for the metallic parts to reflect.

J_the_Ninja, I have a light set as area light that is off to the right of the camera pointing to the left of the camera to produce the highlights expected in a metallic material, with an emission set at 5000, also have a separate light source set as a sun as well , this has been enabled and disabled with no effect on the render.

Are you sure the area light is located somewhere that it will actually reflect to the camera? Try switching the material to a simple glossy node and see what that looks like, play around with the roughness slider. You can verify pretty easily that way if your issue is importing the substance maps, or if you’re lighting needs work.