Blender Supa Monkey Ball

(sonix) #1

So I want to recreate Supa Monkey Ball with Blender, already spent a few hours trying to get a ‘track’ to move via keyboard buttons.

Managed to get the ‘track’, to spin off at an amazing angle, the ball moves but won’t behave properly, oh and how the hell do you get the camera to follow ‘Track to’ constraints in the game engine?

Any one mad enuff to be up for trying this little project, post away, all ideas are most welcome.

The first screen shots will be available at my web site later this afternoon, will post again with proper link.

(Can I post pics or does it have to be a link?)[/img]

(Riskbreaker) #2

Your talking about a constrain Trackt To? I’ve posted a similar question about those constraints being used in realtime and as of yet i still have no answers so I am assuming theres not yet a way that it can be done BUT
In the realtime buttons (for a realtime track) the last brick to the right (whilst having the camera selected), add and then select Camera and where it says OB: type in the object to track.

hope that helps a little…

(Piraniac) #3


Yeah, those constraints don’t work in realtime (although i think the ones to do with character animation can be ‘baked’ into actions)
The camera actuator can be a little wierd, depends very much on the type of movement your after so try it an see


(sonix) #4

Had a lot of fun and success using the keyboard mapping functions to control movement for thr camera:-

up cursor Z axis pos 80
down cursor Z axis neg 80
left cursor X axis pos 80
right cursor X axis neg 80
CTRL Y axis pos 30
X drot Y axis pos 30 ( spin right)
Z drot Y axis neg 30
D drot X axis pos 30 (Spin up)
C drot X axis neg 30

Any one up for the Monkey ball challenge?