Blender Suspender

Blender Suspender
Pause and resume Blender, anytime! (even when rendering)

How you can support development

Donation through Gumroad or

Download link: (Free download)

By donating you help the development of the add-on for multiple platforms and more features❤️


Very useful thank you, I added it to my tools :slight_smile:

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You are welcome!, I’m glad you like it, if you have any suggestion/question feel free to ask :grin:
other useful tools/packs available her:

Hi @iyadahmed

I have noticed that after installing the addon, the addon title is Blender Pause/UnPause but everywhere (Gumroad, BlenderArtists, …) the addon name is Blender Suspender.

I agree, it’s clearly not really important, but maybe you could modify your bl_info paragraph this way:

"name": "Blender Suspender",  

"wiki_url": "",
"tracker_url": "",

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @iyadahmed ! I know this isn’t the right place to write about fxnodes addon but i would like to know where i can find documentation about it. I’m having trobule understanding how to use/mix with other shaders. Thanks!

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It is actually very important, Thank you very much for notifying me, you are the best

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A series of videos will be out soon on the channel

Blender Suspender is not working in 2.82a. Would you be able to update it iyadahmed? Thank you.

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you are welcome, there is an update coming on the way, it has support for Linux and Mac, and improved Windows version.
that being said, the addon already works in 2.82a and has been tested, can you give more info about your system?, in what way it doesn’t work?

The pause blender button does not do anything when I am rendering. The render does not stop.

can you show the console output?
window > toggle system console
note that the button might take sometime to work depending on your render, make sure you havn’t locked the interface and updated to latest addon version

I am using rtx e-cyles 2.82a. My renders each take less than 1 minute. Not a big deal. I could not see anything in the console. Your addon is from the 13th of the month. Have there been changes since then?

There’s hasn’t been changes, can you confirm the addon works with regular Cycles, or Eevee?

I will try it tomorrow. Thanks iyadahmed.

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You are welcome, I just had a freind test it with e-cycles and it works, he had 2.83 version btw
maybe it is something else causing the problem
tommorow if possible can you get more system info? also can we chat on Discord or so with desktop streaming, it will help

Could it be because I am using Optix?

I think it is not the reason, but just to be sure, can you test without it?

Are the gumroad version and the free download the same? Turning offf Optix did not make a difference.

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yes they are completly the same, same file uploaded twice

With Optix my renders take less than a minute so I am not going to worry about it.Thanks for your help. Have a great day.

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