Blender t-shirt

so, i was checking an item in blender shop “blender logo tee, blue” to be exact

and what i noticed was:

1.there’s only “small” size - is that the accurate state of things? is it ever gonna get restocked with other sizes?

2.meassured lenght from neck to bottom - ok, just to be clear, this is not a mistake? it is actually the meassurment from the collar to the bottom of the shirt? and those sizes in centimeters are correct, right?

Im asking these question cause i wanna make sure that if i buy a t shirt, it will fit me. These sizing numbers and ways of meassuring are extremely odd to me, since by these numbers, it looks like the “small” would more or less be ok, which is strange since all my shirts i wear are either L or XL (im 1.88m and slim build). Its kinda confusing.

anyone ever bought that t shirt? any experience anyone could share?

I have found that Blender t-shirts run small, best aim for larger than you’d normally go. I have a L in that shirt and could have used an XL