Blender Texture Paint

Hi guys, I’m starting to get relay dam pissed of with blender’s texture paint, is so dam unstable, like 3 strokes and it crashes is unusable
Is anyone else getting this problem

I never have that problem, but, I haven’t tried to use texture paint with 2.5 yet. For best results, I recommend 2.48b.

Well, i try to paint yesterday but my mesh seems to be with the normals in the wrong side :(.

It’s wierd

I would like to paint like Zbrush or any Better paint system :slight_smile:

BTW , who is develop the new Paint System ?. or where is the link to see what they are doing :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s very unstable. I’m also interested in somehow simultaneously painting normal or displacment maps, along with specular maps, and the color image all at once like in 3dCoat… perhaps using the nodes system.

Is that possible?

The painting tools are being developed, but remember, blender isn’t a paint program. So we are not trying to be at the same level as corel or adobe. Most of the dev goes into other blender features. That said, my personal gripe about the paint tools is: no line tool. Almost as vital as the brush itself, imo.