Blender texture painting crashes[FIXED]

Good morning team,
I have been using Blender for modeling a good long time, and have never run into any significant issues. This past few weeks I have decided to go into a hand painting style direction, and I am really interested in actually painting directly on the 3d model.

However I have run into many crashes using this aspect of the software.
I was using 2.9, and have downloaded and installed 2.90.1. Have updated my graphics card drivers. Reset the start up file.

The crashes seem to mostly occur when switching in and out of texture paint. I hit tab and Blender just disappears. I have also had this happen when I engage the first touch of the ‘brush’ to the model.

I read that a crash log is saved into the temp folder, but as yet have not been able to find one. I also have read about a command prompt setting to get a crash log, but have not been able to understand that process.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


(edit : fixing some grammar)

Seems I didn’t successfully reset the start up file. Don’t know how old but whatever it was having a modifier active on the mesh started in a previous version caused texture paint to crash.