Blender Theme Repository
Just a little project i’m working on… Instructions on the site :slight_smile:
Please take part, submit, and enjoy!


cool dude.

Awesome, I’ll modify my Elysiun theme and post it some day. Btw the script rocks :smiley:

Ingenius idea, but don’t link to Blender 2.35 before it’s out :wink: You had my heart racing for a minute there :stuck_out_tongue:

How much longer till 2.35? Last I heard the deadline was Sunday :stuck_out_tongue:

Talked to theeth on MSN yesterday. He said it should be out today or tomorrow. Said CVS was ready but waiting for offical release.

Nice site by the way.

possible bug - the integrated “export this theme” script crashes blender on WinXP.


  • the new availible ‘modo’ theme rocks
  • the outliner rocks even more
  • ok, so that much for 1,7 MB, but how big will blender grow? And why do “industry standard” applications ship on several cd’s?

Here’s a theme I just did in celebration of 2.35 :smiley:
I’ll go ahead and submit it to the theme repository.

because they’re “industry standard”. heck, microsoft word takes up more space than blender. %|

i dont know if anyone saw this one…

it rather cool and its the one that i have now

scroll down… and look for a link for a zip file…




It should be noted that it was Willian Padovani Germano (IanWill) who coded the internal Python access to themes, and also the exporter script. We planned to make the theme scripts automatically appear as presets in the themes menu (a bit like this experiment), but I ran out of time for my part for this release :expressionless:

I love how blender perseveres the theme throughout all blend files, so you don’t have to keep switching themes when you open a new file :smiley: Like you would with normal python scripts.

Good work guys!

I love the theme that is available on the Blender site that resembles the Modos look. The question I have is that when I select the faces in solid view, the face color does not change like it does in the screenshot from that theme, it just remains grey and only the edge color and dot color chenge. The “Face Selected (trans)” color is set to a yellowish-tan, but the selected face remains the default grey face when selected. I would love to have this color change when selected since it would make everything easier to see. Thanks for any help.

Make sure you have “Show faces” turned on in the edit buttons.

Thanks, wiggie. I’m just glad that there are people here to help me when my brain has temporarily ceased functioning. :expressionless:

It’s doing this for me as well on WinXP with 2.35. :expressionless:

Does anyone know more about this?

umm, works fine on my WindowsXP

it could be a bug that would be fixed in 2.36

and, by the way, wasn’t 2.36 supposed to be released today…?


I thought it was to…

I’ve had it crash on two different computers running XP Pro… :frowning: .

Works fine on my XP Pro system.

The problem seems to have been fixed for the 2.36 release.

I’m uploading mine now…