Blender to cortona (vrlm)

Ive got a pocket pc with cortona on but I cant work out how to export blender files to cortona - ive exported a model to wrl format but it was blank - I assume im not setting it up correctly in blender, any ideas plz


Do a search for Bart. He has updated the VRML export feature and has a nice write-up on it.

Blender dosent export textures when you export to a .WRL file, just plain colors. but other than that i dont know much about it either…

I made a virtual reality house on blender and it worked out.
Viewed it on cosmoplayer and cortona. UV mapped models.
There was few things i had to figure out to get it working well.
Animation was not supported.
Hopefully i remember correctly, i exported as vrml 1.
Shading is very different in vrml than what it is in blender
i think. Lot of specularity and small hard value to models and models look pretty good in general.