blender to horde3d

Hi there,

ive updated/written a blender exporter for horde 3d gameengine:

(contains exporter and engine sourcecode)

more information on the engine:

now precompiled windows binary:

horde sourcecode with simle testapp (shaderexample/exmleApp):


the h3d_render has to be placed addon subdirectory in users blender config directory eg ~/.blender in linux
would be the final directory

the addon can be found in blenders user preferences in addon tab, render subcategory.

Horde3D can now be chosen as renderengine like blender internal, blender gameengine or cycles

in the renderpanel exporter settings can be found as well as options.

horde content path and binary path must be set

“all above” button will simply run current scene in horde

h3d_ contains a stripped down version of horde sourcecode, shadersample can be used as testapp

what does work?:

-static meshes
-linked groups
-multi materials

what doesnt?:

-parenting to joints
-lights have not been added, but should be simple

just to bump the tread and say that functionality has increased over the last weeks.
There is a precompiled Windows Binary if you want to test.
animated model has to be AnimatedModel, the animation file ArmatureAction.anim will have a look at fixing this.