Blender to Multiverse Export Tool

Hello everyone. I am new to the forum, but plan on becoming a regular because I am currently building a plug in for blender that exports models to the Multiverse Platform. You can read about it on my site at I have released it to a few fellow Multiverse Developers for some initial testing in a pre-Alpha release.

Everything is working pretty well except I am having a problem with some imported models that don’t seem to handle texture coordinates correctly when using the Collada 1.4 DAE exporter. I have written this as a known issue on my site and if you think you can help, please go take a look at the strange goings on with the export at It skews the texture on the exported model in such a way that I believe the Collada Exporter must be saving UV images when building the DAE and ignoring any pinning that was on the UV.

Again, I want to say hello! I love Blender and hope to make it the basic model edit tool for a certain aspect of myMultiverse worlds. myMultiverse worlds are social worlds much like Second Life that will run on top of the Multiverse Game Engine.

No ideas? Should I post pictures of my problems here of put more detail in the message to get help?

That might help also a snippet of the script that you are having an issue with could get more of a response.