blender to renderman

Is there a plugin or something that can export (Not even sure if this is possible) all aspects of a blender scene to a renderman renderer(pixie prefferably)? I’ve just begun to look into renderman, and have found it to look very good. Unfortunatley, I’m too lazy to learn the coding skills required.

If not, is there a graphical interface for materials at all, or am I forced to learn the code?

I’m too lazy

A quick search before posting the question could have given you already some answers.

I don think it is possible yet to export everything from a blenderscene to a renderman file.
Blenderman (and BlenderPixie) can do already a lot, like meshes, some materials and lights but not everything.
For writing shaders you could use Shaderman.

More Renderman info can be found on one of these sites:

The thing is, I did search. But I can’t ever make good use of the search engine because there’s no way to search for a phrase like in google. Sorry.

You don’t have to search for a phrase, just use one or two key words.
Searching for “Renderman script” with the option “Search for all terms” gives you more than enough links.

coalth I have tried the blenderman and blenderpixie and could not get very far I did get a render but no materials or lighting control ( I know I was doing some thing wrong) its very complicated for me. an intresting program to try is k-3d it lacks good user documentation but I did get it to render a scene I modeled in blender with 3delight after I did the material and lighting in k-3d. search k-3d on google to find it. its a big download for windows( what i use) but its fun to play with, uses renderman renders and will import an obj file from blender. If you can get any farther with the blender to render man stuff let me know I would like to learn.

blender to renderman right now is not an easy task,

k3d and some other modelers built themselves internally around renderman so the support is direct. Currently Blender is built around its internal renderer, and some support has been added internally for yafray, but other renderers are all done via python.

Blenders internals will be refactored and one result (asside from significant improvements to blenders internal system) will probably be an easier method to support external renderers.


something you could do

is export to obj or other format that one of the tools that support renderman shaders works with. So you could create in blender, create the shaders in something else.

Then use the shaders in the animation that you export to renderman format.


yes. just what I was trying with k-3d I was using the shaders that came with it. I just got shaderman now I have to figure out how to compile the shaders I make so k-3d and my render ( I think I have all the free renderman renders) can find them. one of the problems I was haveing was seting diferent shaders for difrent parts of the mesh in k-3d. but I think I am starting to get it. as soon as I get a render thats ok to share I will. at this rate might be a few days or weeks. %|

You know what? i think i’ll jsut wait for a simpler process. :wink:

Ps. softwork, the thing is, i’m not looking for tons and tons of threads, just ones taht are what i’m looking for.

I wished that Blenderman worked. I think it is like the “Jahshaka” of shader development. …I don’t even think it’s being developed anymore. And too frustrated to even go back to that site to find out.