blender to UDK

every time I press unreal export I get Export Fail! Check Log. up in the corner of the screen here is a picture please help.:spin:

Go to Help -> Toggle System Console. You should see an error in the console.

I check and this is what I get please help.

It looks like the exporter can only handle Image textures, so bake the noise to an image and switch to that.

Im now having truble adding the action to unreal. it wont let me export my bones animation.

Have you checked the UDK website to make sure your workflow is correct . Since this particular section of the forumn is dedicated to people using the blender game engine and not blender to unreal your luck of getting an accurate response is slim. There is a blender to unreal forumn I have been to before that has great information.
Take a look here and even though the author is using 2.49 his workflow should be repeatable in 2.6

Thank for this site but saddly it didnt help me. I dont know what im doing rong to pervent me to get the Action of my object in
unreal. I wish there is a video or site I can fallow some one making and adding to work on the unreal engine. Thanks for your help.

I keep having these messige pop up after turning off Anim Rotation Only