Blender to UE4 FBX vs obj


I am having trouble exporting FBX to UE4.
If I export as obj the scale is correct and the same as the highpoly in zbrush, but when I export as FBX, the mesh is huge. I’ve tried to export FBX with the scale field set to .01 and the size is correct however, then I get near zero tangents and bi-normals error when importing to UE4. Also, I do not have any UE4 errors when exporting FBX without scaling.

I don’t have a problem with FBX. UE4 units are “centimeters”. 1 UE4 unit = 1 cm

On the Scene tab, leave the Unit Scale at 1.0 and set the Length to Centimeters as per this screenshot:


Then when you export as FBX also leave the export Scale as 1.0 too.