Blender to UE4 instances workflow

Hi everybody,

i have a Blender scene created scattering clones around a terrain, i wonder if there’s a way of exporting (FBX, gLTF) cloned objects as instances, in order to optimize resource usage without recreating the whole environment from scratch in UE

FBX supports instances AFAIK, but i don’t know if the feature has been implemented in Blender (or Unreal)

anybody got informations about the topic?

have a nice day!

The feature is implemented in Blender’s glTF addon, yes. Making a bunch of linked duplicates (with Alt + D) in Blender, then exporting to glTF, you can see that the same mesh data (index=0) is reused at different positions for each instance:

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 1.08.07 PM

I don’t know how UE4’s glTF loader works, though, or whether you’d need to do anything particular to ensure these are optimized in its engine.

Thank you donmccurdy, i’ve done my homeworks…

Exporting OBJ checking only “Selected Objects” in the preferences

result: UE4 imports Objects and Instances as a single Static Mesh

Exporting FBX with “Selected Objects”, EMPTY, MESH and OTHERS

result: all the Objects and the Instances are imported as separate Static Mesh

Exporting gLTF

result: only the Objects are imported as separate Static Mesh, probably UE4 ignores all the Instances 'cause he doesn’t know how to handle them

My conclusion: the problem is deeper, probably gLTF includes all the Instances, but Unreal imports ASSETS, they become INSTANCES when they’re placed into the scene or inside a Blueprint, so until we have a way to export entire scenes (Universal Scene Description?) all the world building needs to be made in Unreal Editor…


Has anyone found a solution for this? Would speed up the workflow a lot.

Use Import Into Level (FBX Scene Import)