Blender to Unity, bones rotations.


I know that this problem isn’t new, I know that there are problems with it.

I have a skeleton which has animation for a dog. From Mixamo btw.
And I just need this animation, but on another character.

On the second layer You can see imported FBX, which is just mest up.
I don’t also know if this is possible to transfer? I need to have good bone orientations, to export this for Unity, but I just can’t get it. I make that many attempts, I’m just hopeless now. Need Your advice.

In Unity as We know, Y is up, and the bones should be oriented like that (below some images how they are oriented)

Is this possible to achieve, or I just missed something?

Kamil. CrazyFarmDog_fix.blend (5.55 MB)


P.S I just edit the main FBX to match new character, and move bones so they look, as they should.

Hi, why are you interested in the individual bone orientation, the jump animation seems to work directly when imported into Unity !?
If the animation works in Blender (armature set up correctly w. weights) you should just copy the blend to your unity project, perhaps deleting the unwanted mesh on layer 1.

No, no. I need the other character to be in Unity with the animation and rig which has the second one.
The real looking dog isn’t that important. Important is the cartoony one, which need this animation.
And the cartoony one, has the same rig as the other one, but bones oreintation are different.

Why I need to have the same bone orientation, ask My chief.
They just need that this work from exported FBX from Blender as it is on the real dog (without any mambo jambo in Unity). Really don’t ask why, it just must be like that.

It seemed to me that the animation was not working properly on the dog in layer 1, so my guess is that if you get the animation to work in Blender first, then you should be able to see it correctly in Unity, i don’t think this is caused by the fbx export. I did not check, but there might be some modifiers that you want to apply in correct order before importing into unity. I know there can be problems w. e.g. subsurf and blendShapes &c.
The bone rotations is in principle “just” Quaternion math, which should be independently of the orientation of the coordinate system, and they are usually imported correctly.
Good luck,

thpetsen- Thank You for Your commitment in this topic, but I don’t know if We understand each other.

I just need the rig as it is in the cartoony dog (forget about the animation) to have the same bones orientation as the dog on second layer which I call “real dog”.

I just can’t get the same bone orientations as it is in the original FBX from Mixamo.
It is caused by FBX export, because I can’t get the same bones orientations. This is a big problem. This just means, that FBX export from Blender is still messy. Or I can’t use it.


By bones orientation, I mean each bone orientation.