Blender "Too many open files" issue

Please help! When I’m trying to GPU+CPU render cycles animation, after rendering 83 frames blender stops rendering it and gives me “too many open files” error, so I have to restart blender to start rendering the same 83 frames and get the same issue. I’ve got this problem after updating Blender to 3.3 version.
My PC specs :
Windows 10
RTX 3090
Inter i9-10900kf

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od course that should be thsi way… i also wonder why this stops at ~80 (i would guess there could be more fiels open…)… Anyway: standard output to images… to video… using output nodes… ??

(just rendered 250 frames with not really animated standard cubes in 3.3.0 on linux…)

My output goes to my hard drive, and I’m not using output node and compositing at all. And I was looking to solve this problem and all of the people that have this problem is on linux, but in my case it’s on windows

Which format are you rendering to?

image sequence png

So why do you have to re-render? Are the rendered 83 images faulty or something?

Sorry… i was a little dumb here because:

The error message too many open files usually informs you that in the whole system are to many opened files… this doesn’t neccesarily have to do with blender itself…
On unix system there is the command : lsof -- list open files

In Windows there is something similar openfiles or maybe any other tool…

So you may have another app which blocks this maximal numer of opend files…

if I want to render 200 frames, blender renders 83 and stops, so I have to restart it and render 84th frame and etc

Is some app automatically opening the images after rendering?

nope, but I discussed a thing that it renders pretty fine when it’s default cube and nothing more, but my has a lot of hair particles, so maybe it might be a case but how do I solve it

You could try a headless render to find out if it is some kind of ui problem.

Do you have a file browser open in blender when rendering or perhaps outliner set to a mode that displays files? Or the asset browser?

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