Blender trainer/instructor wanted

Looking for a trainer to teach modeling, rigging, lighting, animation and shading to a class of about 20 with no prior knowledge of Blender. To teach
classes related to the aforementioned, Instructor should be available for weekdays btw 9am to 5pm GMT+1. The trainer will be

  1. Providing Remote training over the internet
  2. Providing Supplemental materials to aid in training
  3. Stating number of hours required for training
  4. Providing 1-2 mins “Meet your instructor” video

Please let me know if you are interested, email me at [email protected]

Trainer may be a hobbyist as long as he/she is highly proficient in Blender.

hello @garantus- I just messaged you. you may check it out that I am interested in… Thanks…

Sending PM