Blender training coming to Digital Tutors

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This is great for community


First tutorial series is out…

It’s on modeling. Very nice to see Blender on digital-tutors finally. It has 1400+ views already so that’s great!

is as the usual DT tutorial… so basic you can do without

Its a good thing for showing how far Blender is going. Long before DT has said, “well the pros don’t use it.” I guess things have changed now, so this is definitely a good sign.

Well we have seen Blender tutorials popping up in more and more training websites so yes, it does seem like a good sign that Blender is heading in the right direction (what with the revival of interface work/discussion, tools for game developers, enhancement leaps in important areas like rendering ect…).

What’s more important is that they are getting a number of hits on their new page as well, so it looks very possible that there will be enough interest to warrant a full-fledged Blender section on their site.