Blender Tron Light Cycle game

(UglyMike) #21

Looks great! Armagetron and GLTron do indeed spring to mind… Nice to see it done in the Blender Game Engine, the little engine that could…
Not to go too much off topic, but wherever I come across Tron-related efforts, I always want to point out an ancient Tron tank game by John Nilsson made in Blender that, to me, still looks better than anything (even though somewhat limited functionality… ) The page can be found here There is no .blend file but you can open the .exe in Blender 2.25 to look at it.

(martinsh) #22

woah that tron tank game looks quite authentic to movie!


Yep, that`s why you should always start small, as i do, still :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehe, thanks.


Thanks, here you go, an example of dynamic trail with physics mesh update


It is a simple GLSL shader with animated alpha.

(leonnn) #23

Hey cool, I tought that you had abandoned the forum, I think that the big majority of small projects around here have some script that you wrote running on it.
Thanks for that!
And the game looks very cool!

(sbkodama) #24

Your technique is impressive as always, nice work. I appreciate the rendering.

(ro5490) #25

this looks so awsome but im wondering, have you finished it? and is it ready? because i would love to have a copy if its possible :confused:

(Sebas Mejia) #26

I once played very similar to this on Ipad and I am looking for it, it looked very similar, but I can’t find it :frowning:

(Sebas Mejia) #27

Is the game finished, I remember playing something similar from the appstore was it your game?

(Deadman1980) #28

Just wow… well polished. sweet skills. Long Live Blender